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Basement Pumps

Floor space is at a premium in London and the surrounding counties and finding space to extend is almost impossible, so basement conversions are now becoming a popular option.

KD Pumps offer the installation, maintenance, servicing and commissioning of all basement pumps, including foul water and ground water stations in Kent and London.

Basement Pump Servicing

Having a basement pump system at your property gives you peace of mind and can help prevent any unforeseen accidents.

Most buildings and contents insurance policies require the owner of the property to carry out regular basement pump servicing if there is a pump in the basement.

When KD Pumps undertake regular service visits, our highly trained engineers can diagnose any system faults.

After our visit, you will receive a quotation with an accompanying site audit that comprises of photos, a current condition report and any future requirements if needed.

Basement Pump Systems

Technology in the pump industry is advancing at a rapid rate.

The technology that what was once designed for commercial pump stations can now be installed in homes throughout London where the water table is so high.

KD Pumps can install UPS battery powered backup systems to ensure your pumps continue to work in the event of a power failure.

Telemetry systems are also becoming very popular as they send information of a pump failure directly to your mobile telephone if are away from the property or on holiday.

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Please call for any basement pump installation and maintenance requirements in London and Kent.

We also offer booster pump and pressurisation vessel services at domestic properties.

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