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Hot Tapping

KD Pumps offers hot tapping, pipe freezing and line stopping services throughout London and the south east of England.

Hot tapping, sometimes referred to as under-pressure drilling, is a complex method of creating a connection to current pipelines whilst the existing system remains under pressure.

Pipeline Tapping

The method consists of using a drilling or tapping machine, a ported valve and a pressure fitting.

This is then connected to the existing pressurised system and enables us to create a new connection in the existing pipe whist the system is still operational and under pressure.

KD Pumps can undertake this service without draining the system or causing any leaks or interruptions to the flow.

There are certain parameters we have to work around that enables us to perform the hot tap.

  • The pipe has to range from 1″ to 48″ in size.
  • Pressure rating must be up to 1480 psi maximum.
  • The temperature can be up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit maximum.

We can apply this method to a range of pipes including:

  • Mild Steel
  • Cast & Ductile Iron
  • Non-ferrous Metal
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Plastic

Installed Hot Tapping Connection

Pressure Tapping

Typically, our hot tapping service will involve the use of a specially designed fitting that will contain the system pressure.

This is coupled with a valve used to create the new connection, a clamp and a specialist machine that drills to create the hot tap.

Part of the hot tapping process requires a ported valve which in turn becomes the control point for the connection.

After the cutting and drilling, all machinery can then be safely removed.

The machinery used by KD Pumps for hot tapping in London, Kent and the south east of England is all leading edge.

We have access to all of the latest technology enabling us to stay ahead of our competitors.

Our hot tapping services are available in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Berkshire and all other areas in the south east of England.

Line Stopping

KD Pumps also offer line stopping services.

This method offers a temporary isolation to a loaded system where a frozen liquid nitrogen pipe isolation cannot be achieved.

Pipe Freezing

KD Pumps offer cryogenic pipe freezing services for temporary pipe isolation.

Pipe Freezing is the most effective method in order to allow for valve replacements and general pipework modifications.

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Please call for any hot tapping and pressure pipeline tapping requirements in London, Kent and beyond.

We also offer line stopping and pipe freezing at highly competitive rates.

For more information about our services, please contact our service partner Ultra M&E on 01795 606 600 and use KD as your referral code to receive preferential rates.

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