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Pump Maintenance for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs & Bars

Pump maintenance is essential in restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars. These types of systems need to be regularly checked to ensure that they are operating correctly, saving downtime and the interruption of the normal daily running of your facility.

Routine pump maintenance not only maximises the pump station’s lifespan, but it also saves money through increased pump availability, improved productivity, and decreased repair costs.

Regular servicing and cleaning should be carried out every six months to ensure the correct operation of the internal components, particularly in establishments where high use of oils and chemicals are present.

Pump System Servicing

Pump servicing on a regular basis dramatically improves the reliability of your pump and avoids future operating issues, allowing you to plan for any problems. It also removes the unwanted mess and costs that occur during a pump failure. This is particularly important if you work in the hospitality industry.

Our pump system servicing includes a series of regular detailed inspections to avoid future failure. During the pump service, if any further works are required, KD Pumps will provide a quotation along with a service sheet, job sheet and site audit report.  All of these are digital with accompanying photographs so that you do not have to decipher a handwritten job sheet.

Pump servicing will give you a reliable and cost-effective solution to your pump maintenance & servicing requirements. KD Pumps offer pump system servicing to restaurants, bars and cafes across Kent and London.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts

KD Pumps offer planned preventative pump maintenance contracts and service packages to restaurants, cafes and bars across Kent and London, ensuring you have long-term protection. Our pump service plans include emergency callouts, labour, and parts.

Planned pump maintenance is scheduled, regular checks on your pump systems to ensure that everything is working correctly, allowing action to be taken before any smaller issues turn into serious ones.

Benefits include:

  • Longer pump life expectancy
  • Less money spent on emergency callouts
  • Reduced risk of pump breakdown
  • Reduced risk of pump replacement

If you require a new pump station installation, KD Pumps can provide our services from the initial drawing stage, continuing through to installation and maintenance programs thereafter.

Our engineers are qualified to service Booster Sets, Pressurisation Units and various types of heating and cold-water pumps.

Why Choose KD Pumps?

At KD Pumps, the health and safety of our employees, customers and the public is our number one priority. Our engineers use state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment and are fully equipped with protective clothing, confined spaces apparatus and lifting equipment. All our work is carried out to British Standard’s BS 8102, BSEN 12056-4.

All Engineers at KD Pumps are fully qualified and regularly undergo health and safety assessments.

Following an emergency callout to a restaurant due to a large build-up of oil and grease, our engineers at KD Pumps attended the site to service and clean the station, keeping the restaurant running.

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap collects water containing fats, oils, and grease before it flows into the drainage system, allowing the clear water to escape. This reduces the chances of the clogging of fats, oils and grease in your drains or pipework, ensuring that they stay unclogged for a longer period of time.

A grease trap is recommended for restaurants, pubs and cafes, hotels, schools/universities/colleges, care homes, bakeries, and other environments where cooking may take place on a large scale.

If you are interested in the installation of a grease trap email for a free quote or call us on 01622 919012 for more information. We commit to a 2-hour response time.

Why does a grease trap need servicing?

In the long run, grease traps are the most effective method for removing fats, oils, and grease from wastewater. It is therefore vital that your grease trap has regular services and checks to ensure that harmful waste does not enter your drainage system, clogging up the pipework. This could otherwise lead to blockages, leaks, and a substantial bill.

KD Pumps can install and service grease traps at a time that suits you best. We work around peak times to ensure that we do not interfere during busy periods.

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For more information about our pumps system servicing, planned maintenance or the installation and servicing of grease traps, please call us on 01622 919012 or email You can also request a free quote.

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