Showers Losing Power? Pump Up The Pressure With A Booster Set!

When a morning ‘power’ shower is plainly the wrong description or a bath tap can only manage a thin trickle of water, then the force is definitely not with you.

Low mains water pressure can be a critical issue in multi-storey premises and large scale buildings, such as a hospital, hotel, or commercial building. In most instances, the installation of a cold water booster set will form a key part in achieving the required pressure to pump a consistent volume of water throughout an entire building.

What exactly is “water pressure”?

It’s an important question to ask. The definition of water pressure is the measure of force – known as a “bar” – that’s required to push water through the mains and into the pipes of a building. A force of 1 bar is needed for raising water to a height of 10 metres. Most domestic water companies aim to provide pressure of around 1 bar with an average flow rate of 9 litres per minute in the pipe that connects mains water to a property.

There can be several reasons why water pressure is low. Despite a requirement for water companies to maintain a minimum pressure of water in the pipe that serves a premises the amount of pressure at a tap will also depend on how high a service reservoir or water tower is above the premises or the overall neighbourhood consumption.

Size of the pipe

The water flow rate, which is tied to water pressure, is dependent on the size of the pipe. If several taps or appliances are connected to the same pipe, there will be a lower flow rate and insufficient water to feed the total requirement. Older properties can often have water supply pipes half the diameter installed in a modern building, which can cause problems, especially in premises converted into flats.

Pressure also varies according to ground level and at different times of the day. Low pressure problems can be caused by high demand in the morning compared to higher pressure late at night when usage is at a minimum.

Reduce usage and costs with Pressure Booster Set!

Installing a booster pump can raise the water pressure to  provide a consistent supply, and is often a popular choice to accompany the installation of a domestic shower. Another typical application is for pumping water through a large block of flats or a high-rise office block. The increase in pressure from a booster set pump not only reduces water usage, it can also lower costs. The kind of pressure reduction that is always welcomed.


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