Ejector Pump or Effluent Pump? Why Installing The Right Sewage Pump Really Is On Another Level!

The need for a sewage pump can apply just as much to a residential or business property as an industrial / commercial premises. A sewage pump will be in addition to a sump pump, which has a very different task to perform.

Difference between Sewage Pump and Sump Pump

  • Sewage ‘Ejector’ or Effluent Pump – handles raw sewage, effluent water from floor drains, ‘slop sinks’ and washing machine ‘grey water’.
  • Sump Pump – used for removing ‘ground’ water, excess rain and flood water.

Lack of ‘gravity drainage’

It will be necessary to install a sewage pump when plumbing fixtures are located below the level of the main sewer pipeline, such as a basement bathroom, kitchen or utility room in a domestic premises. In this situation, waste water / sewage is unable to be discharged upwards against the natural downward flow of gravity. The lack of a means to propel the waste discharge upwards – referred to as ‘gravity drainage’ – simply results in sewage backing up to block pipes, and cause further hygiene and odour problems.

Type of sewage pump required

A further important decision to be made is which type of sewage pump is needed to deal with the type of effluent –  clear or solid. The primary issue will always be the height and distance over which the system needs to pump the waste. However, a second equally critical issue is whether the waste is effluent or raw sewage.

  • Effluent Pump: Most residential and office-based business premises are likely to use an effluent pump working together with a septic tank. This type of pump operates highly efficiently simply because sewage solids have been separated out in the septic tank and the effluent is relatively clear.
  • Ejector Pump: Designed to pump raw sewage solids as most other pumps are unable to operate with effluent containing solids. A further refinement to the ejector pump is the addition of rotating blades (known as a Grinder Pump) with which to cut and grind solids into small particles before the sewage is pumped.

All types of buildings and site layouts

Sewage pump tanks, which are designed to not emit any odour, are available in a wide variety of diameters and depths to handle all types of buildings and site layouts along with the relative height positions of the tank inlet and outlet pipes. A high quality sewage ejector pump should have a working life of around 10 years, which can be extended for up to three times longer with regular professional servicing and maintenance.

Home or business space below main sewer pipeline?
You may need a sewage pump as well as a sump pump

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